Today Universum College trained the staff for the fifth level of qualifications validation according to EQF (European Qualification Framework). Validation of the competencies of Universum College students is one of the main objectives of the EVIVA Project.

Bringing innovation in the field of education in Kosovo, the project aims to identify the most basic competencies for the service economy and will contribute to their higher transparency, for students, teachers and employers. The project is funded by the ERASMUS + program of the European Union and aims to contribute to the further advancement of new ways of learning in local universities

The specific objectives of the e-VIVA project are:

• Identify and analyze approaches to skills and evidence validation to promote permeability between higher education and professional practice;

• Development and refinement of comprehensive ICT-based evaluation and evaluation systems;

• Enrichment of existing certification and certification systems;

• Development and application of a rich program of development and validation of competencies for skills and competencies related to service;

• Application of the e-VIVA evaluation and recording system;

• Establishing a sustainable cooperation between relevant target groups and stakeholders.

For more information about Universum College international projects contact +383 44 144 062 or info@universum-ks.org or follow the facebook & instagram page.