Universum College, a leader in real international opportunities for students and staff for semester exchange, is evidenced by the fact that 79 agreements with the best universities in Europe have been approved so far by this institution of higher education in Kosovo. Recently, another project for international scholarship in France has been added to the range of collaborations.

Universum College students will have the opportunity to study for a semester at “The Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Rennes” or otherwise known as “Sciences Po Rennes” one of the top 10 political science institutes in France and is considered one of the major schools in the world.

Moreover, this year the value of the scholarship for Universum College students has also increased. Each student receives free tuition, 950 euro monthly fee and 360 euro transportation fee. The total value of the scholarship for each student is EUR 6,060 / semester, funded directly by the European Commission.

Universum College remains a leader in international student opportunities! To date, 134 Universum College students and 92 academic and administrative staff have benefited from this opportunity.

For more information contact the Universum College International Projects Office at [email protected], follow us on facebook & instagram or call +383 44 144 062.