Universum College continues to interconnect academia and industry. Part of numerous activities in the campus of the Universum College in Ferizaj, a “Coding Day” was organized to teach students the art of programming by dealing with real programming problems. But, the aim of Coding Day is not just to teach someone to become an expert in Computer Science for a day. One day is enough to realize that Computer Science is fun and creative and it is for all students, regardless of their level of knowledge.

The company that started “Coding Day” in the Ferizaj campus is Incodeks Company, a company that deals with Web Application Development, Artificial Intelligence / Chatbot Development and Data Engineering.

Incodeks presented students with real problems from its current projects. Students through case studies and with the help of tutors tried to find creative solutions to the problems presented by the company.

The winning team that offered the most creative solutions according to the company received free training for Chatbot – the creation of robots that communicate with people virtually through Artificial Intelligence.

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