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The Nursing program aims to prepare caring, innovative, professional nurses who are leaders in addressing the evolving health care needs of all people and in advancing the profession of nursing. Delivered by a dedicated Faculty, the program provides a collaborative teaching-learning environment to promote critical thinking, lifelong learning, and positive role in a changing and global society across the lifespan.

At the completion of the program, students will achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Integrate knowledge from the physical and behavioural sciences, and informatics into professional nursing practice.
  • Use critical thinking, and evidence-based practice and research findings in professional nursing practice.
  • Demonstrate ethical and professional nursing roles, values, social justice and human dignity
  • Apply skills of information technology and information management effectively in professional nursing practice.
  • Analyse ways governmental, institutional and professional policies directly and indirectly influence the healthcare system and population health.
  • Demonstrate commitment to a lifelong learning plan for professional development




Semester I      
No. M/E Subject ECTS
1 M Fundamentals of Professional Nursing (I) 7
2 M Ethics in Nursing 3
3 M Anatomy,  Physiology and Pathology (I) 6
4 M English or German[I]  3
5 M Communication in Health and Professional Nursing 4
6 M Microbiology 4
7 M Psychology  3
8 M Study Skills 2
Semester II      
No. M/E Subject ECTS
1 M Fundamentals of  Professional Nursing (II) 7
2 M Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (II)  6
3 M Biochemistry and Biophysics  5
4 M English or German (II)  3
5 M Nursing Practice in Primary Care and Game Simulation 5
6 M Health Education and Promotion 4
Semester III      
No. M/E Subject ECTS
1 M Nursing Care for Patients with Internal Diseases 11
2 M Nutrition and Dietetics 3
3 M Sociology of Health and Illness 3
4 M Family and Community Health  3
5 M Diagnostic and Therapeutic Program 7
6 E Elective coruse 3
Semester IV      
No. M/E Subject ECTS
1 M Nursing Care for Children and Adolescents 10
2 M Nursing Care for the Elderly, Gerontology and Rehabilitation 7
3 M Pharmacology  3
4 M Nursing Care and Mental Health 7
5 E Elective coruse 3
Semester V      
No. M/E Subject ECTS
1 M Nursing Care in Surgery 14
2 M Public Health with Epidemiology and Statistics 3
3 M Environmental Health  3
4 M Research Methodology 5
5 E Elective coruse  
Semester VI      
No. M/E Subject ECTS
1 M Nursing Care for Women’s Health, Gynecology and Obstetrics 11
2 M Emergency Medicine with Anesthesiology and Resurrection 3
3 M Oncology and Palliative Nursing Care 5
4 M Organization, Management and Leadership in Health and Nursing Care 3
5 M Bachelor Thesis 10

Universum College provides students with a range of resources and services to support their teaching and research. Universum College wants to do everything possible to help students stay active and engaged during lectures and internships.
Universum College is equipped with Nursing Laboratories on the Campus in Lipjan and Ferizaj. The laboratories are comfortably designed and are equipped with beds, patient-dolls and other necessary tools in order for the teaching to be as effective as possible.

In the Nursing Program the practical part is essential in order for students to achieve a high efficiency in studies. Putting each teaching unit into practice facilitates the student learning procedure.


Laboratory Practice (Virtual Reality)

Nursing Program students at Universum College are using VR (Virtual Reality) equipment during internships at Universum College’s innovative labs. Through these simulations students are practicing their skills in a “safe-virtual environment”. The use of VR equipment at Universum College is effectively increasing the knowledge in nursing education among students. Practicing each unit is facilitating the student learning process.

The Mission of the proposed Cyber Security program is to provide professional training in the
broad field of cyber security, and to graduate highly specialized students and equip them with practical training that will professionally prepare them for a multitude of career options, locally, regionally, and internationally in the field of cyber security. Consequently, the program aims to offer course which prepares professionals to assume cybersecurity and information assurance leadership roles in corporations, agencies, and organizations. A curriculum rich in computer security management, IT security threat assessment, incident response, organizational management and behavior, and leadership challenges students to become creators of knowledge and inventors of processes. It includes independent learning and research to a level that demands an integrated and critical approach to other related disciplines as well.


The normal minimum entry requirements for a candidate to be eligible for admission to the College’s courses are set out in the General Entry Requirements contained in the Prospectus. However, the absolute minimum criteria for a student to be admitted to this academic program, is that all students are expected to have successfully completed high school and have passed the national test (matura). In addition, in order to be enrolled in our program, all applicants are required to bring the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Diploma and secondary school certificate
  • Legalized documents issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo for all those who have completed their education outside of the Republic of Kosovo
  • Completing the application procedures at Universum College
  • The contract of the study program if they meet eligibility criteria


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