Erasmus International Staff Week

Bringing Western Balkans Closer to EU through Erasmus+

Universum College is pleased to announce its forthcoming Erasmus International Staff Week, a one-week training programme aimed at colleagues from our Partner Institutions and other foreign Universities in the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. The programme will include various networking events, during which the participants can present their home institutions and meet students and Erasmus+ local Coordinators

The International Staff Week will take place in Prishtina, Kosovo from 27 April to 1 May, 2020 and will be open to all University academic and administrative staff.

Note: Within the Staff Week, the two-day International Conference: ‘Bringing Western Balkans Closer to EU: Economic, Social, Political, Legal and Technological Considerations’ will also take place. If you wish to attend both events, please fill out both application forms.


To become familiar with the hosting institution various academic activities such as campus tours, fairs, speeches from professors, individual meetings etc. are organized.


Participants get a glimpse of the country's economic nature through various visits at local companies in Kosovo.


International Week participants are able to experience the local culture in all its forms through different museum visits, local cuisine, meetings with people who live in Kosovo or anything else that is related to the culture of this country.

Social Networking

Besides experiencing the local life, there is the unique chance to meet a variety of cultures - thanks to all the participants. To support this exchange, social activities like team building activities, dinners, and many others are held.

Universum College encourages the participation of all international partners who are welcome to come along for what we hope will be an interesting, fun and educational experience.

Please see a video from last year’s International Staff Week: