BALKAN JOURNAL (Supported by: U.S. Embassy, Prishtina and U.S. Department of State)


International   Journal    of   Balkan    Policy   Research   is   a double-blinded peer-reviewed Journal published by Universum college in Kosovo with the financial support of the US Embassy in Kosovo and the US State Department. It is edited by an International Editorial Board which consists of prominent Academics, Scholars, and Practitioners from the field and led by the Editor-in-Chief Dr. Adrian Treacher from the University of Sussex in the UK. IJBPR is a gateway to key policy research on the Western Balkan   region and    individual countries   of   Interest to policy-makers, scholars, and   readers of Western Balkan affairs, it aims at addressing theoretically-informed and empirically-tested economic, legal, social, and political issues which directly shape policy and attitudes in the region. The review process ensures that the academic quality of the published articles is approved by experienced scholars/practitioners from the relevant field. The aim of this project was to establish the International Journal of Balkan Policy Research to be a leading journal in the field.

Some of the articles published are:

  1. The New Dimensions in Croatian-Hungarian Interregional Relationship. Author: Lorinczne Bencze
  2. Tred of Citizens’ Participation in the Civil Sector in Albania. Author: Elona Dhembo
  3. Independence of the Energy Regulatory Agencies: Caste Study on Bulgaria. Author: Anatas Georgiev.

Student Research Journal

Universum College has developed a student research journal. Each semester group of students under the mentorship of relevant faculty conduct researches in various fields. For instance, Business and Management students conduct research in business field assessing the needs of businesses, issues and solutions. On the other hand students of Political science conduct researches about polices and issues related to society and the development. Below there is a list of the latest researches published in hard copy in student research journal and made available to reader.


1.1.1.      Published Books

Universum College has significantly contributed to the enrichment of literature available in Albanian language for the reader in Kosovo. Subsequently, apart from authentic publications made available through university funds, Universum College in association with European Union Agencies has translated and published well-known literature for the ease of accessibility for students across Kosovo and other Albanian speaking communities. Below you may find the list of published material:



Name of the AuthorTitle of the BookPublished By:Year
Musa LimaniIntegrimet Ekonomike EvropianeUniversum Press. Prishtinë.2008
Musa LimaniMakroekonomia AplikativeUniversum Press. Prishtinë.2008
Hajrullah GoraniFjalor kontabilitetiUniversum Press. Prishtinë.2008
Gazmend LuboteniMenaxhment BankarUniversum Staff. Prishtinë.2008
Besim BeqajLidershipi (si të bëhemi të rëndësishëm).Universum Press. Prishtinë.2010


Name of the AuthorTitle of the BookPublished By:Year
Evans, M.D.E Drejta Ndërkombëtare1st and 2nd editionUniversum Press. Prishinë.2015
Rosamond, B.Teoritë e Integrimit EuropianUniversum Press. Prishinë.2015)
Nahavandi, AArti dhe Shkenca e Lidershipit.Universum Press. Prishinë.2015
Jones et alDoracaku i Bashkimit EuropianUniversum Press. Prishinë2015
Sarantakos, S.Metodat Hulumtuese në Shkencat ShoqëroreUniversum Press. Prishinë2015
Hughes, O.EAdministrimi dhe Menaxhimi Publik – HyrjeUniversum Press. Prishinë2015
Knill, C. and Tosun, J.Politika Publike – Një Qasje e ReUniversum Press. Prishinë2015
Nugent, NQeverisja dhe Politika e Bashkimit EvropianUniversum Press,2013
Hoyland, B.Sistemi Politik i Bashkimit Evropian nga Simon Hix.Universum Press. Prishinë2013
Buonanno, L. and Nugent, N.Politikat dhe Proceset e Politikave te Bashkimit Evropian

Universum Press. Prishinë.


Keukeleire, S. and MacNaughtan, JPolitika e Jashteme e Bashkimit EvropianUniversum Press. Prishinë.2013
Howorth, J.Politika e Sigurise dhe e Mbrojtjes ne Bashkimin EvropianUniversum Press. Prishinë.2013
Baere, G.DParimet Kushtetuese të Marrëdhënieve të Jashtme të BE-sëUniversum Press. Prishinë2013
Cremona, M.Pajtueshmëria dhe Zbatimi i së Drejtës i BE-sëUniversum Press. Prishinë.2013
Smith, M.P.Evropa dhe Transformimi Ekonomik Kombetar: BE-ja pas Dekades se LisbonesUniversum Press. Prishinë.2013