Graphic Design

BA in Graphic Design will give you the freedom to create, conceptualise and bring your design ideas to life.

This program provides you with the life skills and knowledge needed to further understand Graphic Design, work in the creative industries, or even progress in postgraduate studies. You will learn through studio practice, specialized workshops, lectures and seminars to help you understand contemporary graphic design practice. Classes and workshops at Universum College are designed for efficient teaching and practice in digital media and programs.

Along with active learning and studio practice, this program offers in-depth knowledge of Graphic Design where some will be taught in lectures and seminars and others will be real-world design competitions. Students will have the opportunity to work on real industry projects throughout the course, receive feedback from industry professionals on their work and develop portfolios. The Graphic Designer program regularly hosts guest speakers, industry specialists and creative agencies giving students practical training and advice from professionals.

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How to apply for an international scholarship?

Every student of Universum College can benefit from a full scholarship semester exchange at one of the 125 Universities in 26 European countries with which Universum College cooperates. To date, 297 Universum College students have studied with a full-time scholarships at the most prestigious Universities in Europe.


All students who are enrolled at Universum College may apply for Erasmus+ Mobility Programs. Study exchange opportunities are available to each study cycle:

– First study cycle (Bachelor or equivalent)

– Second study cycle (Master or equivalent)

Please note that Erasmus Student Mobility is carried out in the framework of Inter-Institutional Agreements between home (Universum) and host institutions (universities where you wish to apply for a semester). This means that before being able to apply, you should check whether Universum College has a partnership with the university where you wish to continue your studies. To do this, have a look at the list of universities with whom we collaborate.


– At least 5 completed exams at Universum College

– Active participation in extra-curricular activities organized by Universum College

– English Language knowledge (B1 or B2, as set by the host university)


– English Language Certification (TOEFL or Anglia Examination)

– Transcript of records in English (to be taken from Student Services)

– Passport copy

– 1 photo (300pix; size – 3*4 cm; file – .jpg)

All sectors of the creative industry are undergoing rapid changes due to shifts in certain technological, social and cultural conditions. This is particularly true of the graphic design sector where new professions, roles and professional requirements abound. Dynamism, adaptability and flexibility are thus crucial to anyone wishing to develop a successful career in graphic design. Students of Universum College’s ‘BA in Design’ will learn how to stay abreast of the latest industry trends whilst acquiring the proficiencies required to innovate at the cutting edge of their profession.

Graduates of this program are qualified to pursue their careers in:

Graphic Designer, Creative Director, UX Designer, UI Designer, Product Designer, Art Director, Marketing Specialist, Multimedia Artist or Animator, Web Designer, Logo Designer, Advertising Designer, etc.

Universum College provides students with a range of resources and services to support their teaching and research. The library has a wide range of collections, services and facilities that support college-taught courses, including books, DVDs, magazines and a wide range of electronic resources.

Together with the library, students learn in practice in our Graphic Design Laboratories where computers are equipped with Illustrator, Photoshop, IN Design, Adobe Premier, Adobe XD, etc.

Universum College wants to do everything possible to help students stay active, happy and engaged both in and out of class.

Attached to classrooms and labs, students conduct various study visits. These visits include visits to various Graphic Design companies, Visits to the National Gallery of Arts and the National Museum, etc.

To gain different knowledge from the industry, the College organizes “Coffee Lectures” where well-known personalities from the creative industries are invited to chat with students and to tell about their experience in the profession.

In addition to these activities students are engaged in various exhibitions and competitions to showcase their work.

Study Visits

Students of Universum College from Dept. of Integrated Design visited the National Gallery of Art as part of activities within the course “LifeDrawing Principles”

Coffee Lecture Series

Universum College as part of its activities organized the “Coffee Lecture Series” with various experts in the field of graphic design. Students are learning from experts and experts’ experiences in the field of design.

Gifts for children in SOS village

Universum College students from the Dept. of Graphic Design delivered gift boxes to children in SOS Village. The students made some accessories, postcards and other gifts which were all handmade.

In addition to the academic staff, students are also assisted by tutors. The purpose of tutoring is to help students develop strategies that help them consolidate their knowledge, develop transferable learning skills, and achieve academic success. The role of a tutor is to enable Fashion Design students to acquire their knowledge using the best way of learning. The ultimate goal is to help students discover that they are learning better and to help students develop their skills to achieve better educational outcomes. In case students need additional support and academic assistance tutors are informed immediately. In this way the academic performance of the students is closely monitored.

To be admitted to this program, interested students must apply for enrollment at Universum College. Upon admission to Universum College, students are automatically provided with the opportunity to pursue a third year of bachelor studies at Northampton University in England.

To continue their studies at Northampton University, candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • complete 2 years of studies at Universum College;
  • complete all exams of the first and second year (120 ECTS)

In addition, students who are currently completing their first or second year at the bachelor level at Universum College, may choose to continue their third year at Northampton University in England under this program.

Also, students who have completed the first or second year of studies at other public and/or private universities, and want to transfer their studies to Universum College, are eligible to continue the third year at Northampton University in England.

Programet e studimit Bachelor të ofruara në Kolegjin Universum zgjasin tre vite (3 vite) dhe përmbajn 180 ECTS kredi ose 60 ECTS kredi për vit. Grada e studimeve ne studimet bachelor është Bachelor i Arteve (BA).

Programet e studimeve Bachelor Northampton University

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