English Language programme is designed with a rigorous grounding in the mechanics of the English language. The English Department’s curricula provide all Universum students with a series of EFL courses as well as Academic Writing courses. Additionally, the proposed program offers degree-specific curricula that will provide English BA students with a range of career paths to explore. It will do this without funneling students into particular “streams”: coursework includes a menu of options including EFL pedagogy, journalism, English literature, and linguistics. The degree program thus offers a general approach to the pursuit of studies in English, and provides students with a broad exposure to employment options that they can explore over the course of their studies.  The general aims of the English Programme are as follows:

  • Express ideas, opinions, and arguments in clear, grammatically sound spoken English.
  • Paraphrase, analyze, and critique scholarly writing.
  • Approach written discourse with keen critical thinking skills.
  • Critically analyze and explain linguistic terminology as it applies to Albanian and English languages.
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively with a range of audiences in English.
  • Apply analytical skill in writing and research projects
  • Practice different teaching methodologies in order to apply his/her knowledge
Semester I     
2MIntroduction to Linguistics: Albanian Phonetics and Phonology36186
3MAcademic Writing – English Language36186
4MIntroduction to English Literature, Part I: Morality and Mind36186
5EEFL (Intermediate to Advanced)*36186
6EEnglish Literature: Romanticism & Realisms36186
7EIntroduction to German I36186
Semester II
2MIntroduction to English Language Linguistics36186
3MInroduction to Translation and Interpretation36186
4MIntroduction to English Literature, Part II: the Victorian Novel, Industrialism and “Modernity”36186
5EResearch Methodology36186
6EIntroduction to German II36186
7EDiscourse Analysis36186
Semester III
2MEnglish Language Syntax36186
3MIntroduction to Journalism36186
4MThe Practice of Translation36186
5EEFL (Intermediate to Advanced)36186
6EEnglish Literature: Romance & Realisms36186
7EFilm Translation Workshop36186
8EIntroduction to German III36186
Semester IV
2MEnglish Language Lexicology36186
3MIntercultural Understanding: Policy and Practice36186
4MInternship and Career Orientation36188
5EA Survey of English-language Poetry: Epic to Free Verse36186
6ETranslation for Administration and Business36186
7ELiterary Translation: Problems and Possibilities36186
8EIntroduction to English IV36186
Semester V
2MEnglish Language Morphology36186
3MPresentations and Public Speaking36186
4MTranslation of Public Sector Workshop36186
5ETragic Concerns: Honor, Love, Status, and Despair in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Othello, and Macbeth24124
6EGrant and Proposal Writing36186
7EIntroduction to German V36186
Semester VI
2MMUGS: An Overview for EFL Writers36186
3ETranslation for Atristic Works36186
4EWeb-based Journalism36186
5ECommunity Service Writing36186
6ELiterary Translation: Problems and Possibilities36186
7EIntroduction to English VI36186
8EEnglish for Specific Purposes36186

The employment barometer (2010, published on our website www.universum-ks.org) shows that currently one of the primary expertise for employment is the knowledge and professional use of English. A study conducted by the Career Office at our College (2013), confirms the belief that most employers value expertise in the English language as a necessary prerequisite for hire. Therefore, Universum proposes a program, which suits contemporary employment in English language workplaces: knowledge and expertise of the subjects in fluent spoken and written English. After the three-year trajectory, we expect our students to be able to be bale to perform tasks in various job opportunities that require to:

  • Conduct administrative work to the international plans and projects;
  • Contribute in administrative posts, articles, publications;
  • Be able to analyze media reports, publications and information both written and spoken;
  • Conduct Public Relations activities and illustrations;
  • Engage in oral and written translations in gatherings and occasions;
  • Be able to asses English proficiency in both written and spoken;

The normal minimum entry requirements for a candidate to be eligible for admission to the College’s courses are set out in the General Entry Requirements contained in the Prospectus. However, the absolute minimum criteria for a student to be admitted to this academic program, is that all students are expected to have successfully completed high school and have passed the national test (matura). In addition, in order to be enrolled in our program, all applicants are required to bring the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Diploma and secondary school certificate
  • Legalized documents issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Republic of Kosovo for all those who have completed their education outside of the Republic of Kosovo
  • Completing the application procedures at Universum College
  • The contract of the study program if they meet eligibility criteria

Bachelor study programs offered at Universum College last for three years (3 years) and consist of 180 ECTS credits or 60 ECTS credits per year. The bachelor’s degree in bachelor studies is Bachelor of Arts (BA).