* No lectures are held and the campus is closed during holiday days

* Lectures of one semester last  13 weeks

* The preparatory week is the last week of lectures so regular lesson is followed. During this week, professors will not lecture on a new topic, but will revise all the material explained during the semester

* During the reading week students prepare for exams, so no lectures are held

* There are no lectures during mid-semester exams in April

* The announcement of the examination period is done is done at least one week before the beginning of the exam week.

* During the regular January, February and June deadlines, regular students do not pay to attend exams

* For exams additional terms (April and September), students will be charged with a 3 Euro per-exam fee if the student submits the exams within the deadline set by the Administration. After, deadlines, the student must pay 10 Euro per exam.