Professors and Lecturers at Universum

Academic Staff

No Name and Surname Qualification E-mail
1 Gëzim Turkeshi PhD gezim.turkeshi@universum-ks.org
2 Artan Haziri PhD artan.haziri@universum-ks.org
3 Muzafer Shala PhD muzafer.shala@universum-ks.org
4 Agon Demjaha PhD agon.demjaha@universum-ks.org
5 Vjosa Musliu PhD vjosa.musliu@universum-ks.org
6 Rrezarta Reka PhD rrezarta.reka@universum-ks.org
7 Naser Miftari PhD naser.miftari@universum-ks.org
8 Naim Rrustemi PhD naim.rrustemi@universum-ks.org
9 Mirsad Voca PhD mirsad.voca@universum-ks.org
10 Mirjan Zeneli PhD mirjan.zeneli@universum-ks.org
11 Mandeep Chaudhary PhD mandeep.chauhary@universum-ks.org
12 Ledia Sula PhD ledia.sula@universum-ks.org
13 Florian Qehaja PhD florian.qehaja@universum-ks.org
14 Faton Merovci PhD faton.merovci@universum-ks.org
15 Fari Bushi PhD fari.bushi@universum-ks.org
16 Erdoan Shipoli PhD edoan.shipoli@universum-ks.org
17 Enis Rexhepi PhD enis.rexhepi@universum-ks.org
18 Avdi Jakupi PhD avdi.jakupi@universum-ks.org
19 Arsim Rexhepi PhD arsim.rexhepi@universum-ks.org
20 Arianit Krypa PhD arianit.krypa@universum-ks.org
21 Ardian Gojani PhD ardian.gojani@universum-ks.org
22 Arben Jusufi PhD arben.jusufi@universum-ks.org
23 Arbana Kadriu PhD arbana.kadriu@universum-ks.org
24 Agron Bislimi PhD agron.bislimi@universum-ks.org
25 Zana Haxhiavdyli MA zana.haxhiavdyli@universum-ks.org
26 Yllkë Hoxha MA yllke.hoxha@universum-ks.org
27 Visar Zeka MA visar.zeka@universum-ks.org
28 Uran Rraci MA uran.raci@universum-ks.org
29 Shaban Feraj MA shaban.feraj@universum-ks.org
30 Sali Dula MA Sali.dula@universum-ks.org
31 Nita Bokshi MA nita.bokshi@universum-ks.org
32 Nesrin Jahja MA nesrin.jahja@universum-ks.org
33 Nerxhivane Pervetica MA nerxhivane.pervetica@universum-ks.org
34 Nazim Haliti MA nazim.haliti@universum-ks.org
35 Miradije Miftaraj MA miradije.miftaraj@universum-ks.org
36 Lavdim Hamidi MA lavdim.hamidi@universum-ks.org
37 Kaltrinë Bislimi MA kaltrina.bislimi@universum-ks.org
38 Kaltrina Kajtazi MA kaltrina.kajtazi@universum-ks.org
39 Ilirian Ibrahimi MA ilirian.ibrahimi@universum-ks.org
40 Hazbi Kadriu MA hazbi.kadriu@universum-ks.org
41 Hadis Karatashi MA hadis.karatashi@universum-ks.org
42 Gentiana Berisha MA gentiana.berisha@universum-ks.org
43 Foljeta Kastrati Zabelaj MA foljeta.zabelaj@universum-ks.org
44 Erëza Mehmeti MA erza.mehmeti@universum-ks.org
45 Ensar Bajrami MA ensar.bajrami@universum-ks.org
46 Donika Ymeri MA donika.ymeri@universum-ks.org
47 Besiana Zeka MA besiana.zeka@universum-ks.org
48 Berat Ujkani MA berat.ujkani@universum-ks.org
49 Armend Berisha MA armend.berisha@universum-ks.org
50 Alma Lama MA alma.lama@universum-ks.org
51 Resmie Haliti MA resmie.haliti@universum-ks.org
52 Denis Gafuri MA denis.gafuri@universum-ks.org
53 Fatos Axhemi MA fatos.axhemi@universum-ks.org
54 Shqipe Abazi MA shqipe.abazi@universum-ks.org
55 Valdrin Dervishaj MA valdrin.dervishaj@universum-ks.org
56 Arlinda Qehaja MA arlinda.qehaja@universum-ks.org
57 Aferdita Zherka MA aferdita.zherka@universum-ks.org
58 Gëzim Isufi MA gezim.isufi@universum-ks.org
59 Mentor Sahiti BA mentor.sahiti@universum-ks.org
60 Mendim Mustafa Can. MA mendim.mustafa@universum-ks.org
61 Musa Rama Can. MA musa.rama@universum-ks.org
62 Arlind Jerliu BA arlinda.jerliu@universum-ks.org